Stop the export of pesticides that kill bees

New research shows that mega-corporations like bayer, syngenta and basf have ignored all the work we’ve done to ban bee-killing pesticides in Europe – exporting them around the world.

From Brazil to India, they are secretly profiting from murderous chemicals that they are not allowed to sell in their home countries.

The result is the mass death of bees and pesticide soaked products arriving on our plates here.

According to unearthed, bayer and syngenta earn almost $350 million a year thanks to the neonicotinoids that you and I fought so hard to ban in the eu to save bees.

What do they get rich from?

Fipronil, the pesticide associated with the mass death of bees, has been banned in Europe since 2017, and paraquat poisons farmers.

They are taking advantage of countries with fewer pesticide regulations and lower standards – like Brazil, where their chemicals helped 500 million bees die in just 3 months last year.

France has already done the right thing by banning the export of pesticides in the eu and the import of products treated with them. Let’s use this moment to show these corporations that we don’t want their toxic chemicals – in Europe and nowhere!


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