Young man invented a motorcycle taxi that runs on water alone

Evin acosta’s great invention can benefit thousands of people.

Although it is 80% advanced and only USES recyclable materials, he says his invention could save fuel for motorcycle taxi drivers.

who is this young man?

Evin acosta was born and raised in the city of aguaytia, ucayali. The electrical engineer now puts many businessmen in trouble, because the discovery of the young man has caused the concern of those companies that are engaged in hydrocarbons, because they would be affected their millionaire businesses.

Although for many this system may be very complex, in reality it is not. Evin explains that this invention works by hydrolysis. This is the chemical reaction between a water molecule and another, in which the water molecule divides and its atoms become a union of another chemical species.

In this way, it is possible to separate the two atoms that make up the water (h20).
For the system to work properly, the engineer USES a disposable transparent container, where you can see in the bubbles the gases that come out: hydrogen and oxygen.

The two together, and mixed, go to the carburetor, which makes it burn with greater force the engine.

A revolutionary invention:

«Hoses and pipes are inexpensive, but in order to be safe in gas pipelines this should be galvanized iron.»
Evin acosta

«This system causes more fuel to burn, that way we start the motorcycle taxi.»
Evin acosta

Evin says more investment would improve the project and would save motorcycle taxi drivers a lot of money on fuel.

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